Friday, 30 July 2010

Day 209.

© Ruth Johnston 2010.

Something I discovered about myself today;
I can still do some bitchin' cartwheels.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Day 208.

© Ruth Johnston 2010.

I'm doing very little with myself recently.
I saw Inception this afternoon, I thought it was semi-good, I think Shutter Island was much better.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Day 207.

© Ruth Johnston 2010.

What a lazy day, reunion later, I hope people I like come rather than people I don't.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Day 206.

© Ruth Johnston 2010.

My sister made bread tonight, it was delicious.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Day 205.

© Ruth Johnston 2010.

So I was out for my friend Lucy's birthday tonight, one annoying thing about having to take trains everywhere is having no choice on how long to stay and when to go home, needless to say, I am home early, but I had a really nice time.
We went to the AllStar Lanes, Bayswater and played a game of bowling - of which I lost - and then went on to have a delicious meal followed by this cake. I think they went on to karaoke, which I wish I could have done, but I had to leave at 10 for fear of not actually knowing how to get home - but when I got to Wimbledon, I feel as though this was a con, oh well it doesn't really matter, it was still a fun evening.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Day 204.

© Ruth Johnston 2010.

My mum took my sister and I to a sushi bar for lunch this afternoon, it was about 10 times the price of the sushi bars we went to in Hong Kong, this makes me very sad as it wasn't even half as good. I think everyone, apart from us, already knew it was expensive anyway. We are mugs.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Day 203.

© Ruth Johnston 2010.

Today I went to Kew Gardens, it was hot and nice.
I am very pleased with the performance my SLR has put on today. I'm so glad I have nothing to do tomorrow.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Day 202.

© Ruth Johnston 2010.

I went to the dentist today, yesterday Moon and I were looking at all the nice houses round the winding residential roads of New Malden, I spotted this one this afternoon, so out of place, so cool.
I need a filling and my wisdom teeth are hurting me, bullies.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Day 201.

© Ruth Johnson 2010.

Today was the Malden Fortnight presentation evening, I attended because I was invited and I brought along Moon as my 'plus one', it was alright, they just gave out some prizes for best stalls at the Craft Fair and things like that. I was made to get up in front of the committee and was presented with £50 for the work I'd done for them. It was a very nice gesture, not only to be thanked but also the money considering I wasn't meant to be getting paid at all. I have also had an enquiry to come back up in October to photograph a lady's birthday party. I'm quite happy I went now and it definitely wasn't as boring as I thought it would be. Putting everything else aside, I even got a free slice of cake and a free beer.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Day 200.

© Ruth Johnston 2010.

Today I went to see Toy Story 3, best film I've seen in ages, made me cry three times. It's so, so good, and outdid my already pretty high expectations. The only thing I regret about seeing it is not being young enough to get all the toys and play with them, I'm still thinking about getting them.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Day 199.

© Ruth Johnston 2010.

So I guess today was a bit of a laze, a wind down from the busy weekend. I have read three trashy magazines.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Day 198.

© Ruth Johnston 2010.

Here is Andrew Moon looking gorgeous in his cap and gown.
Today he graduated, he is now Andrew James Moon, BA (hons). I watched the ceremony on the big screen in Guildhall but it was nice, it didn't even feel like it was an hour and a half, so proud of bub. :)

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Day 197.

© Ruth Johnston 2010.

So, after making it down for the 8-9:15am breakfast this morning, I went back to bed for hours and hours before heading out for a round of golf and lunch at The Tenth Hole, lovely.
We are going to watch Predator later, looking forward to walking along the seafront, this weekend has been so nice so far.

Day 196.

© Ruth Johnston 2010.

What a nice night.
Here is the boys looking dapper despite having a bit of drink in them. ♥

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Day 195.

© Ruth Johnston 2010.

Forgive me for posting yet another photograph that I didn't actually take myself.
So, Moon won some tickets for Guilfest, so we went, but only for today because we have plans this weekend, we only really saw two good acts and it's kind of made me realise how tiny Guilfest actually is, there's not nearly enough to do, how was I satisfied with this before? I guess more pops up on Saturday but it doesn't matter.
So this is a photo of my feet getting a pedicure from some fish, I saw it, I figured I wouldn't get another chance to do it, at least of course not for a long time, so I just did it, and it was amazing. My feet are much softer than they were and I want my own so I can do it for hours at a time, it's so tickley and they get something out of it too, nom.
They liked my right foot better than my left foot, I'm also quite sure they helped sort out bits of my healing blisters. Tasty.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Day 194.

© Ruth Johnston 2010.

My hair has been dyed, it is much darker than I wanted it to be, I'm hoping that it goes a bit lighter, but it makes a nice change from dark roots and some kind of ginger. I should probably treat my hair right when it goes fades to a more natural colour.
I am currently enjoying the smell of the dye though. Nom.
Sorry there wasn't a good enough photo of it finished, also I didn't take these.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Day 193.

© Ruth Johnston 2010.

I'm anticipating 'Despicable Me' greatly, I love the minions, when you hit these, they made noise! :)
Today I went to watch the final Shrek film, I don't think children would enjoy it, I'm beginning to see a trend in this kind of animation with a recent example being 'Up', in that there seems to be a much more grown up storyline that is basically of little interest to a child. This is fine by me because I hate kids at the cinema but I thought it was quite interesting.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Day 192.

© Ruth Johnston 2010.

I've been trying to draw a bit more, at least I used to think I was good, I think I just need some focus, and decent sketching pencils.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Day 191.

© Ruth Johnston 2010.

I am all sorted for my outfit for the Grad Ball, I also got some neat new shoes. This is the most expensive 'pastry' ever. I wish I'd eaten properly today.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Day 190.

© Ruth Johnston 2010.

I was back at the Charity Cream Tea today, Jacqueline Wilson was there having cream tea and signing books for children; I kind of wish I was the age I was when I loved all her books then I could have got a signed book. She was even drawing pictures next to what she had signed. She went to Coombe Girls' School so I guess that's why she's often around Kingston doing things like this, I think it's quite nice. I always forget what she looks like, in my head I always think of the drawings of her characters in her books.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Day 189.

© Ruth Johnston 2010.

So, today was busy, I photographed dancing, taekwondo, flowers, the craft fair, people enjoying cream tea and two children's tv presenters. Hectic, but enjoyable, even in this heat; despite the blisters my sandals gave me.
There were a lot of cupcakes at the Craft Fair, even my cousin had a stall, but these were by fair the best and brightest. It was very cool to be the 'official photographer'; the rest of the photographs will be on my website and my favourites will be on my normal blog.
I'm meant to be photographing Jacqueline Wilson tomorrow, so glad it's not an early one, I'm so tired.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Day 188.

© Ruth Johnston 2010.

I wish I was there, but watching a live stream on a TV this size is kind of like I am. I can't believe how big Mumford and Sons are right now, they're everywhere. I love it, I even know all their names, I don't even know all of The Maccabees names yet.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Day 187.

© Ruth Johnston 2010.

I love mangetout, I've been on my own all day - boo.
I've managed to fill up my week apart from Tuesday and Thursday, what have I done? All the events for Malden Fortnight seem to be Methodist Church based, I'll also be missing out on the last two events which sound like they'll be quite good to photograph, there's nothing that I can do to help it. I'm already missing The Creators Project too, Gradball costs money so I have to go, plus I want to anyway.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Day 186.

© Ruth Johnston 2010.

Just over a week until the Grad Ball and I'm still without the appropriate dress. Sutton is a rubbish place for shopping.
I did buy a gorgeous maxi dress though, I need to stop spending money. Like, now.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Day 185.

© Ruth Johnston 2010.

I lost the button on my new dress while getting changed at the swimming pool, I've no idea where it went, I'm going to have to sort it out because otherwise this dress shows far too much boob. It looked so nice when I put it on with all the buttons this morning too..
My swim was very nice though, thank you. Then I went to have some ice cream from the new ice cream shop in Dorking, I had lime, it was nice but I thought it was a bit too limey.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Day 184.

© Ruth Johnston 2010.

Eeep, cute. Here is a suspicious Happy Hippo and his mate.
I think I can relax until Friday, mustn't get too lazy though, I'm going swimming tomorrow, having an 'I look pretty alright' day :)

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Day 183.

© Ruth Johnston 2010.

So, O2 Wireless was today, and I don't think it's because Glastonbury was only last week that I didn't enjoy it, generally it was pretty boring and there really wasn't a lot to do, they tried to make out as if there was but there wasn't. The whole 'festival' consists of a huge main stage and 3 tiny tents with other music, the rest of it is just food stalls and a couple of merch stands. There were some vague Superdrug and Ugg stuff, but overall it was pretty dull. The music I wanted to see, I liked, but considering no one really appreciated anyone except Jay-Z, the whole thing kind of lacked atmosphere. Thank God for Lily Allen, who stopped the bottle throwing, the full bottle throwing, the piss filled bottle throwing...
I don't think I'll be going again, but I'm glad I saw Lily Allen, now that she's 'quit music' for a bit, and I really enjoyed Jay-Z and Slash in any case. The whole situation wasn't helped by being filthy from the moment I stepped through the gate, they should really do something about that.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Day 182.

© Ruth Johnston 2010.

This is the worst typo I've faced in my life. I've fixed it now, but on the morning I'm supposed to use it, this wasn't the most pleasant of surprises. It doesn't matter too much, everything else went very smoothly, I was literally running after the Grand Parade, and I think I got better at taking photographs as I went along, so if this job doesn't gain me much else, at least my chat and skill will have improved. Even though this press-pass isn't a flat image, it still got me into the Horticultural Show for free, I think, the man at the door didn't seem too impressed.
I've updated my site with the photos already, so am keeping well on top. I'm looking forward to next weekend already.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Day 181.

© Ruth Johnston 2010.

So, I took some photographs of the restaurant for my Mum today, I also went out to buy my grad ball dress, but failed and came back with a ton of stuff that cost money I didn't really want to spent.
Just applied for another job in August, hope that my Village Voice stuff goes well tomorrow. I'm also finally up to date with all my blogging and as VV is only from 2 until 4 tomorrow, I have plenty of time to stay on top. Being a busy bee is much better than being some kind of sloth laid up on the couch when it's so boiling.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Day 180.

© Ruth Johnston 2010.

...And I'm back on track.
Today I went to see Portsmouth University's pterosaurs that have made a home along Southbank, they look pretty much like gargantuan cuddly toys than anything that resembles paleontological studies, but I'm glad I saw them. I also went to a recording of The Cube, if you're unfamiliar with it, where were you last October, it's only the best programme ever, as is any with Philip Schofield. He seems like a genuinely nice gent, he was going to come up into the crowd and take photos with us but I think someone whispered in his ear not to so he let us take some ones of him like this instead. We were really quite close, I'm looking forward to seeing it on TV though as the run through of a show like that gets pretty boring. Fizz from Corrie was our 'celebrity', not sure how much else I'm allowed to say, except that we cheered and clapped a lot whenever money was mentioned. I think I'm going to try and relax tomorrow and catch up on my blogging/news.

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