Saturday, 17 July 2010

Day 195.

© Ruth Johnston 2010.

Forgive me for posting yet another photograph that I didn't actually take myself.
So, Moon won some tickets for Guilfest, so we went, but only for today because we have plans this weekend, we only really saw two good acts and it's kind of made me realise how tiny Guilfest actually is, there's not nearly enough to do, how was I satisfied with this before? I guess more pops up on Saturday but it doesn't matter.
So this is a photo of my feet getting a pedicure from some fish, I saw it, I figured I wouldn't get another chance to do it, at least of course not for a long time, so I just did it, and it was amazing. My feet are much softer than they were and I want my own so I can do it for hours at a time, it's so tickley and they get something out of it too, nom.
They liked my right foot better than my left foot, I'm also quite sure they helped sort out bits of my healing blisters. Tasty.

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