Friday, 15 January 2010

Day Thirteen.

© Ruth Johnston 2010

This is all the work I handed in today.
  • 7 x prints for Brief One (Documentary Practices).
  • 7 x prints for Brief Two (Documentary Practices).
  • 3 x Research & Development books (Documentary Practices).
  • 2 x Project reports (Documentary Practices).
  • 2 x copies of invitation to 'Document This...' (Project Management 2) exhibition.
  • 1 x book to accompany work for Brief Two.
  • 1 x digital Research & Development file for Project Management 2 on CD.
  • 1 x Issues in Contemporary Media essay.
My first semester of being a second year degree student is done and dusted, now to get the exhibition opening out of the way tomorrow afternoon and relax for the next three weeks...
This time next year I'll be full on thinking about my dissertation.

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