Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Day 31.

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"Considering the amount of people here and the amount of bottles thrown onto the stage, what are you guys, fucking lightweights?

Original date for Jamie T gig: October 2nd 2009 (just so it's never forgotten as to how patient I was.)
Put it this way, this is the best gig I've been to this year, which I guess isn't a great feat because it's the only one so far - I'll do a proper review on my proper blog tomorrow morning.
It's the gig I got the most beer poured on me at, a whole bottle went down my back as well as other beer splashing in other places.
Jamie T was good. his fans, not so much, but it was a great way to spend an evening, even if I smelt terrible when I came in and my feet hurt heaps from standing around for so long. I do like this photograph though, just because it emphasises how many dickheads were in the audience and will make me remember how Jamie T laughed at them.

The whole of my gig experience consisted of a guy shouting, "Put on the shirt!" in between every song, as he'd thrown a Southampton Saints football shirt at the stage, I doubt Jamie T is deaf, everyone else could hear him and he's still a moron. All respect would have been lost of Jamie T had he put the shirt on, so I am very glad that he didn't.

It's weird liking a musician like Jamie T because so many chavs like him - I heard a guy on the way back to the station say, "He's just in some shit indie band now, he doesn't even rap anymore..."
He's always been in an indie band, but he does still rap.

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