Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Day 38.

© Ruth Johnston 2010

So, Moon gathered everyone together to make this, I didn't do it, I was grouchy from sleep and I think I'm putting myself on a diet - saying that I did make my own burgers, just normal ones though, not monstrosities like the guys did.
The featured burger is Stacy's, who was first to assemble his, he made quite a good attempt, in fact everyone did, Long did the best but no one finished it. By the end of it, everyone's plates were disgusting, I don't think anyone could eat it quick enough either as a lot of complaints were made about it being cold.
Even in this photograph it seems huge, they were huge, I am certainly not envious. Today turned out be a nice day, despite being slightly grouchy, I did get some badass results, which is what this would have been about, had the 'Burger Challenge' not turned out to be much more entertaining.

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