Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Day 109.

© Ruth Johnston 2010.

I am exceedingly happy with the postman today.
I got both my new cameras, my G10 and a new Diana F+ to replace the one that Moon smashed on Sunday.
I got a sweet hood from
My new 35mm lens came for my SLR, it's pretty nice, it will be awesome to go right up to people and get all in their face, as it's a fixed lens, I won't have a choice in many cases. It's teeny tiny in comparison to my 18-105mm though, doesn't matter though I should be encouraged to 'get in there'.
And finally I also got the new issue of Vice, which is always a delight to read, and there are a lot of interesting stories in this months, as well as great pictures.
My photograph from the modelling I did yesterday is on Facebook, my skin looks great, lighting can work wonders, I'll post it on my regular blog in a minute.

This was taken on my G10, my feet have hurt so much today, I've honestly not done much else of worth, should have taken a photo of my battered and blistered feet but I know the kind of people that kind of stuff attracts.

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