Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Day 291.

© Ruth Johnston 2010.

So peeved with Bonus Print right now, not only does my printer print better than theirs - which it shouldn't because photograph printing is their business - but, their the wrong size and took until today to get to me, when I ordered them last week. Poor service, never using them again, I could have saved hassle and just used my own ink, think I'll bear that in mind for next time, I don't think it matters that I'll use paper because that was cheaper than asking Bonus Print to do it anyway. They are wank.
I'm also annoyed because I was going to post them off straight away but the guy for my shoot didn't turn up until half-past 5, I couldn't really be angry though because he was doing me a favour and it's not like he was in Portsmouth to see me. It went well anyway, despite him literally being a total stranger with no mutual friends between us. It's definitely easier because we have this common half-Chinese ground.

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